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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maobitou-- Good Place to Close the Starlight!

Looking for a good place for observation? Hoping the place is not so far from the city? Maobitou is absolutely your best choice!

Last month I went to Kenting with my association for observation. We went there by riding the motorcycles and it was cost us about 2 to 3 hours. We set up the tents and arranged all the foods when we arrived the Maobitou parking lot. It was about night, and it was time for us to set up our telescope to observe the starry sky! Unfortunately, the sky was sheltered by the clouds. So Kevin and me decided to make a “sunny doll” and hung it on the tree.

Then I went to cook the dinner. After the dinner, magically, the clouds began to disperse! Each one of us was so excited and rearranged all the telescopes. Some of us explained the constellations on the sky. Others were busying adjusted the telescopes and took the astronomical photographs. And I was took charge of telling the constellation stories. It was such a wonderful night that we saw many constellations such as Orion (I had an introduction of this constellation before on my blog), Ursa Major, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Scorpius and so on. The starlight were like the jewels which sprinkled on the deep black velvet. The Milky Way was across the sky, just like a sliver silk ribbon tied on the black jewel case. It was a TRUE starry starry night!

(The photos below were all taken by our association.)

* Maobitou parking lot

Map Source: http://www.ktnp.gov.tw/eng/scenic.aspx


Ian said...

Nice to see so many lovely pictures of the starry sky. No doubt that "Maobitou" is definately one of the best places in Taiwan for observing the universe. You are lucky that the clouds finally clear up for your obsevation. The pictures are just amazing, how i wish i can see it with my own eyes !!! Hope to see more of your nice work in the future !!!

efrik said...

my friend, u really like about sky..its awesome!!keep ur good job.im fekri from japan

Isabella said...

To Ian:
How about join our next observation and have a special experience youeself? :)

To Fekri:
Hello! It is my pleasure to know that you like my post! :)