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Friday, May 29, 2009

Sun and Stars --Suhai

* In Suhai, I heard the whispers from the shining stars,
and watched the sunshine sprinkle the light gently on the grass. *

Have you ever experienced such wonderful experience in one place? If no, I will suggest you go to Suhai and enjoy it! Plenty people have ask me where is Suhai? Suhai is located in Pintung and near Taitung. It takes about 3 to 4 hours if you go there by motorcycle like us. I went there last month with my association members again. This is my third time went to Suhai, and, I have to say is that Suhai never disappointing me. I have experienced various feelings everytime I went there.

First time was an amazing discovery that we found many odd and beautiful stones there. Second time was a gorgeous starlight there. Third time, though there were no stars showed up due to the rainny day, we also found that the grass were more shinny and emerald.

Suhai's star night is different from Maobitou's. Compare to Maobitou, Suhai is more distant from city. That means, without light pollution, we can have more "dark district" to observe. When the rain stop rainning, we can find that stars are more clear than we expect. With the cloud scatter gradually, stars are like the actors who go on to the night stage one by one with unknown and unpredictable paces. We never know that which star will be the next to show up and perfrom their stories.

The following photos are about my first time observation in Suhai.

Any questions about Suhai? Please leave your questions and I will give you my answers!

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