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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2001 Leonids !!

Many people claim that they have seen meteor shower, so did I. But after my senior sent a youtube video to me and said he had witness this explosion and counted almost 10,000 meteors at that night at Maobitou parking lot. After I opened this video, I was completely astonished and touched by it. That is: “2001 Leonids Meteor Shower”! Enjoy it!

News of Leonids from Japan

Have you ever seen that before with your own eyes? Can you believe that DID REALLY HAPPEN? Wasn't it a magnificent, fascinating and lovely astronomical phenomenon? I have been to Chung-liao tea garden and waiting for the meteor shower for whole night in 1998. Unfortunately, it really disappointing me because I only saw few bolides fell down from the sky and except that was nothing but people’s flashlights and voices.

Few months ago, when I was chatting with my senior, he told me that he have witness the REAL explosion Leonids in 2001 and 1998 was a wrong forecast(it was earlier about 24 hours ). I sank into a deeply melancholy immediately like I missed my most favorite thing. You may think that this is kind of ridiculous but I was really depressed at that time.
But there still a good news. This meteor shower’s explosion cycle is about 33 years and the latest explosion was 1998~2002. That means, we also have chance to see the Leonids Meteor Shower like the video above with our eyes in the lifetime!! Isn’t that interesting and worth expecting? =D

Brief Introduction of Leonids:
The Leonids are a meteor shower associated with the comet Tempel-Tuttle. The Leonids get their name from the location of their radiant in the constellation Leo: the meteors appear to stream from that point in the sky. The meteor shower is visible every year around November 17, plus or minus a week, when the Earth moves through the meteoroid stream of particles left from the passages of the comet.

Introduction source and if you want more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonids

Have you ever witness any meteor shower? Share with me please!:))))))


Sally said...

You are really enthusiastic about stars, aren't you? :D I think people who want to watch stars need very GOOD LUCK indeed. Remember last time we went to 旭海? What a pity that we couldn't see stars due to the bad weather. Though I cannot tell stars' names from so many of them, the view is still charming and touching. Hope I can join your star trip in the future.

Isabella said...

Yeah... it really need some luck to see the starlight!
I hope to see you at our next outdoor observation!!!!!! It may be hold about October~

Shirley said...

Oh my goodness, the video above are way too disgusting…I mean, who the hell can see so many falling stars at one minute?? Alright, I admit that it’s really a marvelous and fantastic scene. Remember last semester, the time when we stay up to watch the meteor shower (Leonids or…? Cannot remember.)? It was great but surely the stars were not as much as those in the video.
A marvelous meteor shower is no doubt great, but I like the night sky with few stars as well because that makes me admire every single star quietly and cherish them. Ti didn’t see much the last time I went to watch the shower, but I was happy. The few stars made me think of the song…
Catch a falling star and put it in a pocket,
never let it fade away…

Shirley said...

But I still want to watch the real meteor shower, though! xD

Isabella said...

Ha ha. I think you are quite special that you don't want to see the sky which is full of shining stars... don't you think that it is like the jewelry box?
The meteor shower we saw last semester was "Orionids", which are caused by the well-known Halley's Comet!

Shirley said...

I said I DO want to see a real meteor lar!XD If so, that will definaely be a great memery to keep in my whole life. And I believe anyone who had seen such an majestic view would feel much different about the universe and life, too.
But the sky with few stars has another beauty. It's not cherished because it's too common!

Isabella said...

haha sorry for not notice that XD

I think that meteor shower is one of the most beautiful astronomical phenomenon in the universe... It will be very wonderful and unforgetable to see once in your lifetime. Just once. My senior told me that after he saw the Leonids, he rode motorcycle back to NSYSU and had a mid-term exam. He think that it was worth doing such crazy behavior no matter he would fell the exam or not. Compare with Leonids, mid-term doesn't matter! I think if I would him, I may do the same thing because it really worth! How do you think?

Few stars in the sky... like the "smile in the night"? It was really awesome and beautiful! But I don't think that we won't cherish stars if there's many. We will be very exciting and more cherish them because we can't see that many in the city!