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Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Dreams of Stars

Now is about midnight.
After the rain pours down from the sky, the stars shine clearer in the night.

What is your dream? My dreams of stars are to observe them in different latitude and locations. I would like to go to Australia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, which are located on the Southern Hemisphere, to take a look at night skies, and compare them to Taiwan’s; I also want to go to Central America and Africa, which is located around the equator, and embrace the southern and northern constellations together.

"A Starry Night in Brazil" from "Astronomy Picture of the Day"

And, I want to lie on the grass, and enjoy the glory of the mythology heroes which are now on the night sky; I would like to sit on the beach, and listen to the wave sing with the stars; I want to walk on the desert, and appreciate the silent night with the starlight; I would like to climb to the mountaintop (especially very high mountains which are above clouds), to catch and collect the whole clear night sky… Oh that will be so wonderful for me to have all those beauteous experiences together!!!!!

So, what is your dream? Why not wishing on stars? =)

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